How much does a cartoon cost?

Cartoons cost

It’s a question I’ve often received and every time I’ve given the same answer: it depends. There’s no unequivocal price for a humorous cartoon: it depends on what I have to draw, where it will be published, whether it will be in color or in black and white, etc.

A cartoon is an illustration: a drawing that can have many details and as many uses. Like any artisan work, the cartoonist must know every aspect of the cartoon.

The use of cartoons

This aspect is fundamental and it’s the most important of all: what do you need the cartoon for? Let’s take a few examples.

  1. The cartoon must promote the event of a non-profit organization.
  2. The cartoon must advertise the service of a well-known telephone company.
  3. The cartoon must become a greeting card for a wedding.
  4. The cartoon must be published in a national magazine.
  5. The cartoon must be published in the neighborhood parish newspaper.

I could go on, but I think I’ve made the idea: these 5 situations show the diffusion of the cartoon and the type of use.

The cost of the cartoons doesn’t depend on the customer

I don’t raise the price because a famous client – and full of money – asks me for a cartoon. I just ask what will client do with my cartoon.

If client wants to hang it in the office, he will not pay as if he wants to use it for a marketing campaign.

So, how much does a cartoon cost?

The more details the customer will provide me and the more accurate the estimate will be.