Cartoon Flyers

I create flyers with funny cartoons and characters

Have you ever thought of getting cartoon flyers? A flyer is a paper advertisement, usually printed only on one side, to be delivered in a public place to draw attention to a service, a product, an event with a message that is quickly given.

Funny cartoons in flyers create an added value: custom cartoons for your message, dedicated the product, event or service to be advertised.

Custom Flyers with Humorous Characters

My first cartoons for an advertising flyer date back to 1999, when I made funny characters that represented some children. I made the cartoons for a children’s clothing store in Rome.

Later I drew other cartoons for the same store and for others. Cartoons for flyers are a functional idea because they’re created directly on the message or on the product to be promoted, instead of buying stock photos or cliparts that you download for free or got for a few dollars.

My cartoon flyer for the marathon Fun Run in Rome

Cartoon Flyers: my flyer for the marathon Fun Run in Roma

The making of advertising flyers with funny cartoons

A flyer must communicate a fast message. A cartoon is a visual content that has the same importance. The creation of an advertising flyer with one or more cartoons requires 4 steps.



The first step in creating a flyer is the concept of the message to convey. The main points of a flyer are: subject of advertising, information to be included, description of the event / product / service and how to contact you (phone, website, email, social).



The writing of the flyer text is one of the fundamental elements. Text must be short, titles and subtitles carefully written, each word weighed. Clients must immediately understand what they’re reading in advertising flyer.



How many cartoons to draw? A scene or just one or two characters? You have to choose the most useful drawing, which encloses the whole message or at least represents it to the best. A cartoon that amuses and inspires confidence.



It’s the last step: text and cartoon with graphic and typographic elements are wrap up that give harmony, order and clarity to the whole flyer. The graphics cannot be chaotic and redundant, because it will only cause confusion.

Cartoon Flyers: that’s why they work

What you can do with a cartoon flyer

Flyers are used by companies, shops and private individuals for:

  • Advertise an event (concerts, festivals, parties, events, etc.)
  • Promote a commercial or professional activity (shops, offices, etc.)
  • Announce new products or services (food, beverages, technology products, etc.)
  • AdVertise commercial offers (discounts, sales, vacation packages, etc.)

Why choosing funny cartoons flyers

Do you want to know why it’s a right choice ordering cartoons for flyers?

  1. Originality: a cartoon is made only for your flyer.
  2. Customization: you’ll not get ready-made drawings, but a real custom cartoon.
  3. Curiosity: a cartoon in a flyer intrigues, pushes to read the message.
  4. Humor: cartoons and characters make you smile, putting the customer in a good mood.

Do you need Cartoon Flyers?