Cartoon Logo Design

Custom Cartoon Logo for your Business

The cartoon logo is a awesome idea. It’s a logo with a humorous cartoon, a funny text and a right graphics.

For some businesses a cartoon logo is a way to drive a friendly communication or to get a welcoming look.

Is a cartoon logo appropriate for your business?

Cartoon logos aren’t for every company, of course, so you have to define your objectives to understand if a cartoon logo suits good for your service or event.

A telephone company and a bank, for example, need a classic logo, but they can use a cartoon logo for a promotion campaign.

A pet food company or a pizza restaurant find in a cartoon logo the best way to present itself on the market.

So it’s important to consider what you want to achieve before choosing a classic or a cartoon logo for your business.

Cartoon Logo Design Process

A cartoon logo graphic process is similar to any logo: the cartoon designer studies the objectives of the products / services / events.

A pencil sketch, first, to create the character or the objects, then the vector design and finally a funny font: these are the ingredients for the creation of a cartoon logo.

Cartoon Logo Files

You will receive your cartoon logo in 2 formats:

Cartoon logo in .ai format

Vector file, suitable for printing your cartoon logo on business cards, brochures, etc.

Cartoon logo in .png format

One of the most used web formats. A cartoon logo has a transparent background and a high definition.

Cartoon Logo Portfolio

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