Cartoon stock or commissioned drawings?

There was a time when cartoonists and illustrators were sought to ask for drawings of various kinds: cartoons, illustrations, humorous characters, drawings of objects, etc. Computer graphics did not yet exist and the drawings were all handmade.

With the advent of computers and graphics programs and the spread of the Internet, a new market was born: the market of cliparts and stock cartoons, drawings and photos, ie drawings and photos made in series.

A huge assortment of drawings of any kind, in color and in black and white, which can be downloaded for free or after a subscription of a few dozen euros a year.

Pros and cons of stock cartoons and cliparts

Why buy a cartoon made in series? Or a stock photo? Or a clipart?

The reasons are many:

  1. wide selection of drawings
  2. drawing packages for each category
  3. reduced or absent costs
  4. ready-made drawings, which can then be downloaded or ordered instantly
  5. simplicity of research

The sites of cartoons and stock photos are aimed at those who manage blogs, websites and newsletters to offer thousands and thousands of images.

The downside is that these drawings can be downloaded by a large number of people and therefore they can be found in multiple sites and blogs. Furthermore, the client must be content to take what he finds. It must therefore adapt its requirements to the drawings that he will find available.

The advantages of commissioned drawings and cartoons

When a customer orders me a drawing, he gives me a series of details: general characteristics, colors or less, type of characters, cartoons with scenes or only with characters, size and format, etc.

The drawing is made according to his specifications, based on his project. It’s no longer the project that fits the ready-made drawing, but it’s the drawing that is realized according to the project for which it’s intended.

The commissioned drawings are unique and original, there are no copies in other sites, magazines, or blogs. The customer acquires the commercial rights of exploitation.

Cartoon stock or commissioned drawings: which ones to choose?

It depends. If you need icons to illustrate some concepts on a web page, cliparts are certainly the cheapest and fastest solution.

If, on the other hand, you need an advertising cartoon or illustration, then the discussion changes: a commissioned drawing is the ideal choice.