Cartoonist diversification portfolio

When I decided to put my cartoons portfolio online, I did not immediately think about creating galleries with different drawings. In the first versions of the site there was a section called Art, if I remember correctly, in which I published some drawings.

Later, however, I created a series of galleries:

  • Humorous cartoons
  • Comics and comic strips
  • Color illustrations
  • Cartoon logos
  • Satire
  • Resin figurines
  • Comics Wedding Seating Plan
  • Comic scripts

In the current version, the Satire and the Resin figurines no longer appear. I no longer drew a satirical cartoons, so it was useless to insert a gallery. And I no longer made designs for figurines in silver resin.

Technical benefits of a varied cartoons portfolio

You can create a series of thematic pages, which lead to visits to the site. In this new version I wanted to exploit the various uses of funny cartoons to create themed sales pages.

For now I have 11, but others are planned.

Economic benefits of a varied cartoons portfolio

Potential customers can view the variety of cartoons that a cartoonist can make. The thematic pages excite the customer’s curiosity.

Since I created these pages, with as many galleries of cartoons, I’ve started to receive different requests for estimates.

Themed cartoons

Another useful way for cartoonists to show their cartoons is to create thematic galleries. The American cartoonist Dan Rosandich, for example, has published on his site a “Cartoon Catalog” with a good of 65 themed galleries!

This means that each of those galleries contains dozens of internal pages, in which each cartoon is shown with all the details and information for the purchase.

Unfortunately I don’t have such a large number of cartoons, but I will publish soon two humorous cartoons themed galleries: prehistoric cartoons and diet cartoons.