Cartoonist job

My work experience as a cartoonist: drawing cartoons and humorous illustrations for magazines, companies, publishing houses, websites and individuals.

The 21st century cartoonist

How was the life of the cartoonists in the eighteenth century? And in the nineteenth? And in the early days of the twentieth? I imagine the cartoonist at work in…

How much does a cartoon cost?

It’s a question I’ve often received and every time I’ve given the same answer: it depends. There’s no unequivocal price for a humorous cartoon: it depends on what I have…

A wedding cartoon

Gift cards or cartoons to the bride and groom for their wedding is certainly an original idea: original because it’s a commissioned drawing, so it’s unique. This cartoon has been…

Beeing a cartoonist in the pre-Internet era

Working as cartoonist before the web. Looking for a cartoonist job with job announcements magazines.

Informatics and technology cartoons

My collaboration with, drawing cartoons for the informatics and technology blog One Comics.

Cartoonist available…

My first experiences as cartoonist: from job advertisements in the newspaper “Porta Portese” to the first customers.