Cartoons: a requested medium

At one time I thought the humorous cartoons were confined to newspapers and magazines, but when I started collaborating with various clients in 1996, I realized that cartoons could find a place in many commercial contexts.

Being a versatile cartoonist, at that time, allowed me to find many small jobs on the humorous drawing, even in the gadgets: I drew for a client dozens of characters that became knick-knacks, frames for children and favors.

The cartoons are still a medium to be exploited, because they fit perfectly into most advertising messages and in many publishing sectors, such as postcards, greeting cards, school notebooks, etc.

Cartoons use recognizable symbols

In a humorous cartoon we find a visual message that we understand instantly, because the humorous drawing is able to “stylize reality”, to transform any complex scene into an amusing picture.

The cartoons represent a simplified communication

Because of their nature, cartoons simplify communication: from facial expressions to characters’ attitudes, from reduced scenography to immediate language.

The cartoons focus the reader’s attention on the message

In a cartoon we aren’t distracted by other elements, such as music, movements, excessive details of everyday reality: in the cartoons there’s only room for the essentials.

The cartoons fit well in any context

Surely no one would dream of using a humorous cartoon for an advertisement of a funeral agency, would be in bad taste and even offensive. But in almost all commercial and professional sectors, cartoons can be used.

The cartoons: a medium to be exploited

Many decades have passed since cartoons entered our lives and still today tjey remain an exploited and requested medium of communication.