Cartoons for 20 euros

If I started writing on my site that I sell cartoons for 20 euros each, I would probably receive dozens of requests. And I would find myself working several hours to get little money.

I don’t know why creative works in Italy – and perhaps also in the rest of the world – are not considered. Perhaps the average client thinks that an artistic work is worth little or that, because it’s art, something that arises within the artist, which is created from scratch, should be evaluated little.

Behind the scenes of a funny cartoon

How is a cartoon born? Many, or perhaps almost all, think that the cartoonist takes the pencil and starts to draw. After 5 minutes he finished and ink the cartoon, ready to be sold.

This is certainly a part of all the work. To draw a cartoon requested by a customer, the steps are:

  1. first reply to ask the customer for more information and details on the cartoon to be created
  2. (possible second email to ask for new details)
  3. documentation on what should be drawn
  4. first draft of the cartoon, a quick sketch to know if I understood the scene to represent
  5. (possible second or even third sketch, making the changes requested by the client)
  6. detailed pencil drawing to receive customer’s approval before inking the cartoon
  7. inking the cartoon with nibs and Indian ink
  8. scan the drawing at high resolution
  9. cleaning the drawing (the scanner highlights paper defects and various stains)
  10. preparation of the drawing for coloring (to eliminate the white background and leave only the black outline)
  11. coloring the cartoon

It takes some hours of work. How much it is? Impossible to say, it depends on what you have to draw.

The documentation can also take one or more hours. Another two hours or more for the final pencil drawing. Ditto for inking. Ditto for coloring.

Why a humorous cartoon cannot cost 20 euros

Is it possible working even 4 hours to earn 20 euros? Only 5 euros per hour?

No, it’s not possible. But there’s more to say, there’s something that should not be considered.

The commercial exploitation of an artistic work, which certainly can not be given away.

Who sells color cartoons for 20 euros or less, or even a little more, is selling out.