Cartoons for blog

Illustrating blog posts and articles with funny cartoons

I draw cartoons for blog, to enrich articles and contents of corporate and private blogs. It’s used to say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but an image combined with the text enhances it even more. When a reader sees a photograph, an illustration, a cartoon in a site, he is more likely to stay there and keep reading.

Benefits of cartoons for blog

Humorous cartoons in blog articles, online magazines, corporate web pages or personal websites give you some benefits:
Cartoons for blog: newspaper seller

  • The importance of visual content: images attract users. They are processed by our brain faster than a text. The pictures expedite the comprehension and communication, keep the reader’s attention on the web page.
  • Break down the walls of text: alternating texts and images reduces the stress of screen reading and even boredom, making reading easier.
  • Readers engagement: the pictures stimulate the brain, and a humorous cartoon or a funny illustration involves readers to improve their mood.
  • More chances of sharing on social media: people love to share beautiful images on Facebook and other social networks. Think of a cartoon that shows your logo or the address of your blog or company site, shared on various social networks: your name spread free to thousands of people.
  • Dose of humor: some articles and corporate web pages need a fair amount of humor, to break the monotony and also to make the text more informal.

Cartoons on a blog: original pictures without copyright

How much time do you spend looking for a picture for your blog posts? Are you sure you can use it for your blog or is it copyrighted?

Request a cartoon for your post and you will have the right to publish it, because it’s an original drawing made specifically for your blog. You can also ask for a mascot that portrays you or a character that recalls the main theme of your blog.

Contextual cartoons for your blog post

It’s often difficult to find the right picture for an article and you have to settle for what you’ll get.

In 2 of my blogs I made several funny cartoons for my articles, without wasting time looking for pictures, often copyrighted, not clearly defined or even not too suitable for what I had written.

Cartoons made for blog posts

Ask a cartoon for your blog

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