Cartoons in Advertising

Advertise your products with cartoons and comic strips

How many times have you seen the cartoons in advertising? Although nobody likes to see advertisements in newspapers or magazines, advertising is useful for sellers and buyers.

There’s a way to make advertising messages pleasant and also interesting in the newspapers or on the many magazines we find on newsstands.

Creating little comic stories, as you once saw them, and not so far. Many American companies have advertised and still advertise their products with comic strips: tea, coffee, drinks, cars, detergents, cigarettes …

In Italy, just think of the many comic stories created by Jacovitti for ice creams, canned meat, cured meats, TV channels, thermal insulation, etc.

An example of advertising cartoon

Cartoons in Advertising: an example

Benefits of cartoons in advertising

Do you want to know which benefits you’ll get by advertising your products with cartoons and comic strips?

  1. Simplicity of realization: with cartoons you can create any kind of advertising message; thanks to the humorous drawings there are no limits on the scenes to be created.
  2. Higher savings: how much do you spend hiring actors, machines, setting up movie sets? Your advertisements created with cartoons and comic strips save you a lot of money.
  3. Curiosity in readers: comics and cartoons work like magnets, attract readers’ attention and increase the likelihood that your products will be advertised.
  4. Greater loyalty with the product: humorous characters of cartoons and comic strips will remain in the readers’ memory, which will immediately connect them to the advertised product.

Why use cartoons and comic strips in advertisements

Funny cartoons for advertising

How much do you think the customer’s attention lasts? Using cartoons in advertising means above all simplifying the message you want to convey to your customers, which becomes more understandable, and speed up the sales process.

A humorous cartoon can make advertising content not only simpler but also more palatable.

Another benefit of cartoons in advertising is the ability to make some products and subjects less weighty, such as special medicines or accessories and devices for the disabled. A cartoon launches the message in a more delicate way.

Humorous comic strips in advertising

Incorporating comic strips into advertisements was initially an idea of candy and toy producers, who created garish and colorful advertisements, but they were soon imitated by other entrepreneurs.

Comics became a way of placing advertisements for their products in an original and fun way.

Although today technology has transformed the way of communication, comics in advertising continue to be created, because they are a popular and appreciated medium that combines drawing and narration.

Creating cartoons and comics strips for advertising

The creation of comic strips and humorous cartoons to advertise a product takes place through 8 steps:

Product AnalysisProduct Analysis

Know the product to be advertised: the customer will provide detailed photos of the product, which will be used or reproduced by hand, depending on the product.

Advertisement messageAdvertisement message

Who is the product for? What message to reach potential customers? These are important data to write subject and story script.

Story PlotStory Plot

At this point I write the subject, the plot of the comic strip, or even a text that illustrates the advertising cartoon: it’s a necessary step for the screenplay.

Comic ScriptComics Script

It’s important to know all the details of every cartoons to draw in the comic strips: framings and texts for dialogues and captions.

Characters’ draftsCharacters’ drafts

The study of the features of the comic characters, the realization of the model sheets that show each character in his various poses and expressions.

Story’ draftStory’ draft

The chronological sequence of the scenes of the comic story, to study the frames and the scenography: it’s important to visualize the story.

Penciling and inkingPencil and inking

From the sketches I move on to the well-finished pencil drawing: these will be the final drawings, which will then be inked with a nib and Indian ink.

Coloring and letteringColoring and lettering

After a 300 dpi scansion, I clean up the comic pages; then the drawings are colored with Photoshop. Even the texts are written and added to the computer.

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