Cartoons for school notebooks

When I was in elementary school, the notebooks showing humorous cartoons or comics or even short articles about science and technology and other topics were my favorite.

They were a distraction from the boredom that school brought. I remember that I really appreciated those short articles and especially the cartoons. The anonymous notebooks seemed to me incomplete.

Vignette sui quaderni

Vignette sui quaderni

I think that the school notebooks, at least those for elementary and middle schools, should have cartoons on the covers: they attract more pupils, and I think they are used to make school not as hard.

Famous cartoons and comics for school notebooks

In the late 1970s, superheroes (like Spiderman) and Japanese cartoon characters (like Jeeg Robot) appeared in the notebooks. I never had these notebooks, as I recall, because I’ve never been a big fan of superheroes and Japanese comics.

The notebooks with Tex and Jacovitti’s cartoons appeared in Italy. I had a diary of Tex, which I still have, from the ’80s: at the end of every pages there were comics strips of the ranger.

Drawing cartoons for school notebooks

Original funny cartoons for school notebooks? It would be an interesting job for a cartoonist to illustrate the notebooks for the students with cartoons and new characters.

One day I’ll publish here in my blog a graphic proposal for a school notebook with my cartoons.

4 reasons to insert cartoons on school notebooks

Why publish notebooks with cartoons?

  1. They attract attention: the images intrigue, and humorous cartoons attract children and young people.
  2. They improve sales: notebooks with cartoons are more likely to be sold than anonymous notebooks, with monochromatic covers.
  3. They are customizable: you can create special cartoons on the cover for each school subject, so as to be immediately recognizable by students.
  4. They improve students’mood: they help to make the school hours less heavy.