I create funny cartoons and characters

I love drawing old-fashioned cartoons: using pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener and sketchbooks, inking them with nibs and Indian ink. I like to consider the cartoonist at work as it once was: a craftsman of cartoons, of humorous drawing.

I combine this ancient approach of drawing with the modernity of digital graphics, coloring my cartoons with Photoshop.

Cartoons Services

I create cartoons for any market and publishing platform. From 1996 to today I’ve made cartoons for various kinds of clients, discovering over time that a cartoon is always appreciated, but above all it’s able to transmit emotions more quickly than a text or an anonymous picture purchased on the web.

Which cartoons can I draw for you?

Website Cartoons

Draw the attention of your visitors with cartoons that illustrate or explain your products or services in your corporate site.

Corporate Cartoons

They’re often used in PowerPoint presentations or slides, the cartoons can be useful to clarify what you write.

Kids Cartoons

Did you write a school book or an educational book? Get it illustrated with a series of funny cartoons.

T-Shirts Cartoons

Choose a character that can represent your brand or your product with a cartoon and get your custom T-shirts!

Why cartoons?Pirate cartoon

Whatever project you have in mind, a cartoon finds its space: customize your product, launch your service, make your gifts more original and fun.

Why should you use a cartoon in your project?

A cartoon can:

  • Send a message quickly
  • Put clients and visitors in a good mood
  • Reduce tension
  • Lower the level of boredom and distraction
  • Clarifiy concepts
  • Increase engagement

The many uses of cartoons

Cartoons for the web

  • Newsletter
  • Web sites
  • Blogs
  • Social media

Cartoons for publishing

  • Books
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Posters
  • Post- and greeting cards
  • Calendars

Cartoons for products

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Gifts
  • Puzzles
  • T-shirts

What kind of cartoon do you prefer?

There are 3 types of humoristic cartoons: cartoons with a “retro” flavor, as we used to see, without the classic balloon, which appeared only later, but with the text underneath image picture; more modern cartoons, with the typical balloons of comics; cartoons without caption and any text, a picture that can make people smile.

Cartoon with balloons

The dialogues are included in the classic balloon, the traditional comics balloon, written by hand or by computer.
Extraterrestrial cartoon

Cartoon with caption

The dialogues are placed underneath the cartoon, written in a readable font by hand or computer, as you prefer.
Raise cartoon

Pantomime cartoons

The scene has no dialogue, but tells a funny story. The cartoon may contain an explanatory text.
Pantomime cartoons: prehistorical cartoon

Cartoons gallery

Cartoons on famous characters and animated movies and literatures characters

Need cartoons?

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