Cattivik comic strip

In 2009 Kinart forum launched the comics contest “Draw Cattivik with Kinart”: they would have selected the 4 best comic strips to be published on Lupo Alberto’s comic book.

In the forum the participants had to publish the storyboard, the pencils, the ink drawings and colors or screentones.

I joined the contest, sending two comic strips and one was selected and published on the No. 304 of “Lupo Alberto” in October 2010.

Cattivik comic strip: storyboard

Cattivik: storyboard

Cattivik comic strip: pencils

Cattivik: pencils

Cattivik comic strip: inks

Cattivik: inks

Cattivik comic strip: colors

Cattivik: colors

Cattivik comic strip published on “Lupo Alberto”

Cattivik: comic strip published