Comic scripts

Single page stories scripts and short comic stories

Comic scripts are the starting point for a comic story. It’s also the second step in the work that leads to the creation of a comic strip: the first one is the subject, the plot of the story.

The script of a comic book shows to the comic artist rhythms and duration of the story, it’s a sort of orchestral conductor who directs the drawings towards pre-established goals and purposes.

A comic book writer and artist

A very original comic story is written and drawn by the same person: the artist writes the comic script and draws the comic pages.

This comic story is a sort of a living creature, directly born and raised by the cartoonist.

How to write a comic book script

I start from an idea and then I develop the plot of the story, with a well defined beginning, a body and a conclusion. But first I have to know the number of the pages of the comic story.

After that, I divide the plot in comic pages and panels, I write a description for each panel and characters’ dialogue, captions and sound effects.

For my short stories (1 or 4 pages,) that I wrote in the past, I drew quick sketches on paper to visualize the scenes and this helped me in the script.

Comic scripts examples