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I draw humorous comic strips

I love comics since I was a child. I started as a kid to draw my personal comic strips with characters of various kinds, but always in the field of humor. My drawing tools are pencils and Indian ink, the same of the cartoonists of the past, now combined with the screentones created with Photoshop.

A comic strip can summarize a whole story into a few cartoons, and this characteristic captivated me a lot.

Comics Services

A comic strip and a comic page can reach any audience and find space in every commercial and professional sector. I draw customhumorous comic strips for your company, your newsletter or to promote your product, event or service.

What kind of comic strips are you looking for?

Corporate Comic Strips

A corporate comic strip can be used in various contexts, such as promoting business events and lightening the tone of slides and PowerPoint presentations.

Newsletter and Blog Comic Strips

Visual content + funny stories + quick messages = comic strips. You get 3 important features for a newsletter or blog articles with just a comic strip.

Advertising Comic Strips

Tell your product with a comic strip: a color comic strip will advertise your products with humor, creating fun and beautiful advertisements.

Children’s books Comic Strips

You can explain how your product or service works with a comic strip . A handful of cartoons can do a lot, thanks to the immediate message of the comics.

Why comic strips?

A comic strip tells a story through pictures. You can tell your product, advertise it, explain it with a series of cartoons without annoying your potential customers.

What kind of comic strip do you prefer?

You can choose up to 3 kind of humorous comic strips:

  1. The “daily” comic strip, so called because published from Monday to Saturday in newspapers.
  2. The double comic strip, bigger format to create more longer stories.
  3. The Sunday page, in which the first cartoon shows the comic strip’s logo and also a possible title.

Classical comic strip

It’s the typical daily strip appeared in newspapers, like the Peanuts comic strips. Generally, it’s made by a 1 to 4 cartoons maximum.

Comic strip

Double comic strip

They are two comic strips, one above the other, like the latest Stumrtruppen by Bonvi. On average they contain 2 to 8 cartoons maximum.

Double comic strip

Sunday page

So called because it appeared in newspapers on Sunday, it’s a story made up of 3 comic strips. Usually, a Sunday page consists of about 10 cartoons.

Sunday Page

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