The decalogue of the cartoonists

  1. The cartoonists don’t trace, they just use a light table.
  2. The cartoonists don’t copy, they do research on information material.
  3. The cartoonists don’t plagiarize other works, they take inspiration from them.
  4. The cartoonists have always a copy of Arkham Asylum under their pillow.
  5. The cartoonists have no gap, they have their own style.
  6. The cartoonists don’t ignore the perspective, they devise some graphic solutions.
  7. The cartoonists don’t alter the comic scripts… they reinterpret them.
  8. The cartoonists don’t miss a deadline, they give themselves an extension of time.
  9. The cartoonists don’t make mistakes, they draw in a personal way.
  10. The cartoonists are always available to give their drawings away… photocopied.

History of the decalogue of the cartoonists

I wrote this decalogue many years ago, maybe in 2001. It’s a parody of some lessons attended at the comics school. Here below some information in order to better understand the decalogue.

  • The teachers preferred using the verb “to trace at light table”, i.e. tracing drawings and photos to the light table, instead of, indeed, the simple verb “to trace”.
  • The informative material (photographs, drawings) is used by cartoonists as a research in order to draw.
  • Arkham Asylum (original title “Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth”) is a graphic novel written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Dave McKean. At the comic school every occasion was valid to mention this work.
  • Perspective is one of the cartoonist’s damnations.
  • As well as the comic scripts: when it’s difficult to comply with them, the cartoonists distorts them for their benefit.
  • Photocopied drawings: one of the teachers, one day, photocopied some of his drawings, signed them and began to hand out photocopies to us students. I didn’t take it. What’s the point of giving away a photocopy?