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Common questions to a cartoonist

The price of a cartoon or an illustration depends on the technique used and the difficulty for the realization.

A cartoon (or an illustration) in black and white will cost less of the same product in colours. We have to consider the time needed in order to make the drawing either: initial fast sketch (made to study the volumes of the content of the drawing), the sending of the sketch to the customer for the approval, possible modifications, documents (the illustrator can’t and mustn’t draw based on mind, but he has to read up on the scene that he has to represent), eventual studies of objects and/or characters to draw, pencil execution, inking, eventual colouring. Of course, the dimension of the drawing affects the price as well.

Generally, a cartoon comes up in A4 format maximum, while the illustrations haven’t any maximum dimensions. Last but not least, there are costs from the materials and drawing tools used: pencils, rubbers, inks, albums, colours.

The fact about a comic story is mostly the same. Costs, in this case, are dependent on the number of comic strips or pages.

The realization of a cartoon, in general, doesn’t need more than a day. An illustration instead is a job way more long and complex, and the time for this process depends on the difficulty and the size of the drawing.

However, we need to take into account that the illustrator usually has other jobs ongoing and deadlines: it’s advisable then not requesting drawings today for yesterday…

It depends on the agreements you made with the artist. Generally, the right of reproduction of the creation is sold for only an application (for example a cartoon in a magazine).

It’s important to remember that in this case we are using a work of an intellect for a commercial purpose, so the artist must receive the right payment for more commercial uses of his works.

Cartoons, illustrations and comic stories are signed and it’s not possible, nor fair and correct removing the signature of the artist. In exceptional cases, the signature on the drawing may not appear during the printing phase, for example in the case of a character created only as an advertising logo or for advertising purposes.

No. The original drawing (cartoon, illustration, comic story) is the property of the artist. The artist sells the right of reproduction of his works in agreement with the requests of the customer.

The original drawing obviously could be purchased by the client or a third party, that cannot in any way reproduce the drawing or parts of it without the written approval of the client who bought the rights of reproduction.

Of course. The first making phase of a cartoon (or an illustration/entire comic story) is the sketch, that is a fast pencil outline to see if the customer idea has been achieved.

No, generally sketches are not put into payment, unless due to continuous changes of mind by the customer that forces the artist to perform a great number of tests. But this is a limited case.

Drawings are delivered via email, at high resolution and in the .zip file extension.

The payment, via money transfer, provide 30% of the fee for anticipation and the final payment once the work is delivered.


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