I draw funny illustrations for publishing industry and advertising

I create humorous illustrations since several years. My funny illustrations have been published in magazines, children’s books, posters, advertisements, t-shirts. Sometimes I also draw commissioned illustrations, creating drawings and cartoons for individuals.

Over time I’ve tried different color techniques for my illustrations: from pastels to chalks, from watercolor pencils to colored India inks to ecoline, up to modern Pantone markers.

Since several years I like creating illustrations using both the traditional technique (inking with nib and China ink) and computer graphics (coloring with Photoshop and sometimes creating backgrounds with Illustrator).

Illustration Services

I draw humorous illustrations for editorial products and advertising materials. I also make commissioned drawings in black and white and in color. A humorous illustration can be linked to a large number of commercial products and services and be used in advertising for any campaign.

Which funny illustrations can I draw for you?

Funny Illustrations for Publishing Industry

There are many editorial products that can be enhanced with a humorous illustration. Original color drawings customize your publications in an original and fun way.

Humorous Illustrations for Advertising

In marketing and advertising there are many cartoonists who have contributed to illustrate an advertising message or give a touch of personality to a commercial product or service.

The many uses of humorous illustrations in publishing and advertising

Funny Illustrations for Publishing Industry

  • Calendars
  • Greeting cards
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Kids’ Books
  • Fantasy Maps for children

Funny Illustrations for Advertising

  • Packaging
  • Promotional pictures
  • Promotional cards
  • Billboards
  • Posters
  • Labels
  • Flyers and brochures

Why Humorous Illustrations in Advertising?

Several decades ago illustrations in advertisements were the norm. There were neither photography nor television nor digital graphics and advertising agencies had to employ illustrators and cartoonists to create posters and other advertising material.

A humorous illustration can do a lot for marketing and advertising:

  • Enhance your product
  • Reinforce the message you want to give
  • Complete the advertising text
  • Customize your products
  • Capture public attention
  • It gives originality to your advertising campaigns

And why funny Illustrations in Publishing Industry?

The publishing industry has many forms of publications: wherever there’s a paper product, there’s room for an illustration. Just think of the tarots illustrated by Jacovitti, the posters to be presented on newsstands, calendars, and illustrated books for children.

I can draw for you customized humorous illustrations, made by nib and India ink and digitally colored.

Humorous illustrations gallery

Do you need a humorous illustration?

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