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I’ve always loved drawing kids illustrations, but I don’t know if, as a drawer, I’m suitable for creating illustrations for a childhood audience. Looking at what the publishing market offers, I see that my drawing style is pretty different from kids illustrators. But I like to draw for children.

Some years ago I’ve illustrated two music books for children: books about Kodály method of learning music, one book for primary school, Musicalfabeto, and another for preschool age, Musicasilo.

How to draw kids illustrations?

I’ve seen many illustrations for children and I think a drawer must have two skills:

  1. Stylization: too many details and a hyperrealistic style don’t suit good for children. A child needs a simple and quick communication, both in the textual and in the visual language.
  2. Soft colors: watercolors, colored pencils, or pastel colors in computer graphics.

I think I haven’t these skills.

Disney children illustrations

Comics and animated cartoons by Walt Disney are the exception that proves the rule. Or, maybe, it’s better to say that children love that kind of illustration.

Children illustrations by Jacovitti

The comics created by the italian cartoonist Jacovitti were read by children, but certainly, for all the social and political references, they were understood only by the adult audience.

I remember the famous Vitt School Diary. I had it when I was a child, during the primary school, and I liked it so much.

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