Mascot Design

Mascot Characters for Your Brand

A mascot is a representative spokespeople of a company, an event, a site, a consumer product or a service. A funny, friendly figure, which remains etched in people’s mind and make people smile, but expecially a mascot should reflect the context or the company.

How the mascot will help you for your project?

Mascot clown

A smiling marmot suits good to a national park event, and a fierce shark is ideal for an aggressive sports team.

In the first case, the mascot must create an emotional connection with its audience, but in the latter must enter the spirit of the players and “scare” the opposing team.

Ready to get your mascot?

Have you an idea for your mascot? Send me every detail of the character you want. I will send you a quote as soon as possible.

If you haven’t any idea about the mascot, tell me about your project and I will create the most suitable character for you.

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The right character for your mascot

Which character to draw for a mascot? A mascot has no limits: it can be a human figure, an animal or a humanized animal, an object, a mythological creature, even a food and a vegetable!

I created mascots with people, mammals, insects, pets, frankfurters, potatoes, trains, characters from literature and mythology and even a condom!

A mascot can be an object, but also something that can not be classified.

Mascot Design Portfolio

The Mascot Design Process


It’s a pencil draft to see if I’ve got the right idea. If you are not satisfied with the first design, I will send you up to 5 revisions of pencil sketch.


At this phase, you’re not allowed to ask new changes of the design. The pencil will be inked or vectorized, if you’ve requested a vector file.


Last stage of the mascot creation. You can suggest the colors you like or request color changes once received the complete file.

Mascotte sketch

Mascot outline

Mascot color

The Mascot Pack

You’ll get your mascot in 3 styles: outline, greyscale and full color.

Mascot outline

Mascot grey

Mascot color

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