The new Zagor comic strips… the old-fashioned way!

On April, 4, on the website of Sergio Bonelli Editore, the new Zagor comic strips were announced: a miniseries of 6 comic strips books proposed after 57 years since the appearance of the first comic strips of the Spirit with the Hatchet, started in June 1961 and ended in November 1970.

I could not miss this series and the occasion to taste the comic strips of the past.

My first impression about the new Zagor comic strips

It seemed to me immediately a quality comic series: beautiful the first three covers, I found them dynamic, they invoke the spirit of adventure, especially for a “tarzanid” like Zagor.

The title of N.1, “The boat of mysteries”, really takes us back in time. I read Zagor for the first time when I was 15 or 16, in the summer, at my cousin’s house (he bought it regularly). I remember having felt the mixture of adventure and mystery from the first pages.

The price is accessible: 2.50 € are not so much. Although the monthly comic book costs only one euro more, we must consider all the other factors that come into play: limited series in time, comic strip format in XXI century, sold only in comic book shops.

The first two covers of Zagor comic strips and internal pages

Nuove strisce di Zagor: le copertine

Le nuove strisce di Zagor: le pagine interne

The 5 series of Zagor comic strips

  1. Collection Lampo, 1° series: from 15 June 1961 (the famous title “La foresta degli agguati”) to 25 November 1962
  2. Collection Lampo, 2° series: from 9 December 1962 to 12 May 1964
  3. Collection Lampo, 3° series: from 26 May 1964 to 4 January 1967
  4. Collection Lampo, 4° series: from 18 January 1967 to 10 November 1970
  5. Collection Darkwood: from 10 May 2018 to 19 July 2018

The first comic strips book in ’61 compared to the No. 1 in 2018

As you can see, they preserved the characteristics of the first comic strips book of ’61, with a fresher sign but in perfect harmony with the style of the great Gallieno Ferri.

Primo numero delle strisce di Zagor: La foresta degli agguati

Primo numero delle nuove strisce: Il battello dei misteri