Tex is 70 years old

I met the character of Tex Willer when I was a child. I didn’t buy the comic book, but someone in my class had it.

I remember that a classmate showed me a cover where Tex was close to some Redskins and he told me: “See? The Indians don’t do anything to Tex”.

He was the myth of the invincible hero. I bought Tex only as an adult, in the late 90s. Then I abandoned the comic book, as I had lost my job and at that time I had to cut almost all the comics I bought every month.

I bought again Tex in the summer of 2017. I missed it. And I also missed Zagor. These are now the only two comics I read.

I don’t appreciate all the stories and all the publications on the characters, of course.

Tex comic books in my library

  1. The classic monthly comic book: I met new authors, whom I could appreciate.
  2. The Big Tex: so called the giant book that comes out annually in June. I have almost all of them and I hope the series continues.
  3. The Maxi Tex: I have some of these comic books, I also bought the last one, but I preferred the ones I read in the past years.
  4. Color Tex: good comic books with a unique story, but not the short stories, which I didn’t like. In my opinion Tex, like Zagor, are made for long stories.
  5. Tex Magazine: I took the 3 numbers released, but in my opinion it isn’t a good magazine. The stories yes, but the articles has information that you can easily find on the net.
  6. Tex Willer: forthcoming. It intrigues me and I will buy it to evaluate it.

A cartoon for Tex: 70 but doesn’t feel it

With this cartoon I wanted to make a small personal tribute to Tex and his 70 years of career in newsstands. And in the West, of course!
Tex is 70 years old