Being a versatile cartoonist

Drawing cartoons has never been a monotonous job. The cartoonists have always extended their services of humorous drawings proposing themselves in more fields, even if always in the great field of illustration.

The italian cartoonist Jacovitti didn’t only create comic stories, but he also drew advertising cartoons, cartoons for political campaigns, illustrations for notebooks and school sketch book, even playing cards.

Bonvi made cartoons with the Sturmtruppen for an agenda of the Italian Army.

Walt Disney published an advertisement in which he offered himself to create comic cartoons, animated motion, advertising cartoons and picture cartoons.
Walt Disney Ads

The versatility in drawing humorous cartoons

When I started working with the first customers, I immediately saw that it was difficult to find someone who wanted the classic cartoon. I had collaborations as a pure cartoonist for magazines, but otherwise I was a versatile cartoonist.

I drew cartoons and funny characters for:

  • soccer gifts
  • gadgets of various kinds
  • leaflets
  • greeting cards
  • posters
  • books
  • gifts for wedding favors
  • gifts for knick-knacks
  • advertising
  • T-shirts
  • newsletters
  • Web sites
  • blogs
  • logos
  • wedding seating plan
  • etc.

Why being a versatile cartoonist

The first reason that comes to my mind is that not all magazines need humorous cartoons and many others already have their own cartoonists. The newspapers, at least in Italy, publish few and have their drawer.

So, where else to place their cartoons? In all fields where a funny drawing is required.

I’m finishing, for example, a humorous illustration that some people will have to give to a retiring colleague: it’s a cartoon, of course, but it makes no sense outside of that context, because it contains elements that only those people know and can understand.

The versatility in the humorous illustration allows you to get more jobs and collaborations.