Web Marketing Tools for Cartoonists

Many years ago, the cartoonists had limited possibilities to make themselves known: publishing job advertisements in newspapers, collaborating with a famous cartoonist, entering the editorial office of a newspaper to circulate their name.

Since many years the situation has changed: today a cartoonist can use the web to sell his cartoons. I started a long time ago, specifically on January 2, 2002, when this site has come into being on the web.

In the USA several cartoonists have an official website, many also run a blog where they publish frequently. In Italy I haven’t seen the same. Many famous cartoonists don’t even have a site, others have one, almost never updated.

What web marketing tools can a cartoonist use today?

Create an official website

Your site is the first step to promote yourself as a cartoonist. But it must be a professional site, not something created for free with the many platforms you can find online.

The first steps I would take today are:

  1. buying a national domain (.com for USA, for example)
  2. installing WordPress, to have a simple platform to publish content fast
  3. buying a responsive graphic theme, to get an usable site even with mobile devices
  4. customizing the graphic theme, changing colors, images, fonts
  5. writing the texts of the pages: the fundamental ones are “About me” (in which to appear as a cartoonist), “Portfolio” (in which to publish galleries of cartoons) and “Contact me”, plus some landing pages for the various artistic services that I sell

Manage an effective blog

We are doing very little with 4 pages on a site today. Online there’s a lot of content, so it’s full of sites that talk about cartoons and comics.

You also need to manage your own personal blog. I was reluctant to open a new blog, although in my life, that is to say since 2005, I’ve opened at least 25 blogs. But here I felt the need, I needed themed content and at the end I rolled up my sleeves.

I created an editorial calendar, I decided the topics to be discussed and I started writing. Now I publish a new article a week, on Wednesday. From time to time on the other days I can publish new cartoons.

With a blog a cartoonist can talk about his work, publish new cartoons, get in touch with other cartoonists and potential customers.

Choose a couple of social media

Being everywhere is useless, you’ll only disperse your energy and waste your time. I’ve always thought that it’s better to choose a couple of social media and work well there. Which ones?

The most popular is Facebook, and in addition I would say Instagram. I’m not on Facebook since 2013, and I’m not even going back.

On Facebook you can create galleries of cartoons, you can publish cartoons and comics in your own profile page. On Instagram there are several cartoonists and comic artists that publish sketches and cartoons and comic strips.

Create a profile on social media for cartoonists

The oldest is perhaps DeviantArt. There are many possibilities for a cartoonist to show his cartoons. You can even create your own “journal”, a sort of blog. In addition there’s a forum where job advertisements are published for creators and artists.

10 years ago I discovered Toon Pool, a social network created specifically for cartoonists. It’s quite simplistic, you can add cartoons, get likes and comments.